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Xyologic: iPhone is for Games, Android is for Apps Written by Charmaine Li on 23. December 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, the downloaded lines between the iPhone and Android have been drawn. Recent statistics on Xyologic; an app search engine based in Berlin, reports that consumers prefer to use the iPhone to play games, and the Android – for app downloads.
Xyologic found that of the top 150 downloaded apps on each platform this year in the U.S, 85 of those downloaded on the Android were mostly non-gaming apps, and 100 of those downloaded on the iPhone were mostly games.
On the iPhone, the number of app downloads from the top 150 more than doubled from 37 million in 2010 to 97 million this year. On the Android, the number of app downloads more than quadrupled from 29 million last year to 125 million this year.
Here’s the top 25 downloaded publishers on Android in 2011:
Google, Facebook, Rovio, Adobe, DroidHen Casual, Outfit7, Magma Mobile, Glu Mobile, Go Dev Team, Kittehface Software, Skypem Notes, Nikolay Ananiev, Swiss Codemonkeys, NHN Corporation, Yahoo, Handcent, Pandora, Al Factory Limited, Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets, Verizon Wireless, Runnergames, Backflip Studios, Polarbit.
And here’s the top 25 downloaded app publishers on iPhone in 2011:
Glu Mobile, Gameloft, Big Fish, Rovio, Capcom, Chilingo, Storm8/ (TeamLava), Outfit7, Electronic Arts/ Electronic Arts BV, Gamevil, Halfbrick Studios, DeNa/ (Backflip Studios/ Ngmoco), Zynga/ Newtoy, NaturalMotion, Pocket Gem/ (Streetview Labs), Tencent, NimbleBit, PopCap, Playforge, Clickgamer, Com2uS, Burbn, Orangenose Studios.